The ISM Business Unit (Industrial Sewing Machines)

The industrial sewing machines division

Established in France since 1989, the Industrial Sewing Machines Division is in charge of marketing Mitsubishi Electric industrial sewing machines and their associated motors and equipments, across Europe, North Africa, Russia, Turkey and South America. 
Our products, notably devoted to clothing, furniture, safety and protection, automotive and leather industry, benefit from avant-garde technology. 
Renowned expertise, flexibility, reactivity, customized services and a solid
network of long-term partners are Mitsubishi Electric’s key assets to support
your projects.

Facing a market where manufacturers are looking for maximizing the
productivity and availability of their machines in competitive, high value and
niche markets, Mitsubishi Electric offers high end technology products, able to
be a fully integrated part of the plant enterprise. This sales strategy is part of
the Mitsubishi Electric ‘s e-F@ctory concept for supporting the digital
transformation process of the todays industries moving to the Industrie 4.0.



Leather Industry

Mitsubishi Electric has a substantial from-the-field experience with leading luxury leather goods brands and offers specific tools to meet the demands of this trade with respect for quality and tradition.
For the last few years, Mitsubishi Electric has focused on the footwear sector, with customized sewing solutions which seduce many customers.

Safety and protection

Seams on personal protective equipment (PPE) require know-how and innovation. Mitsubishi Electric automatic sewing machines PLK perform on straps and ropes with any technical characteristics.


Mitsubishi Electric has been supporting a clientele of ready-to-wear and garments manufacturers for many years. Its automatic sewing machines are efficient for operations related to the assembly of Jeans.


For several years, Mitsubishi has been designing solutions adapted to the specifications of automotive suppliers, often in need of large or very large sewing fields: car seats, airbags, etc…



The manufacture of shoes, including sports shoes with decorative stitches are made with our large wide area automatic sewing machines that both achieve industrial efficiency while achieving outstanding quality.

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