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Leather goods, a new innovative equipment.

You are a demanding fine leather manufacturer, aware of the quality of your products and always in search of perfection?

The different sources of material supply, the hygrometry condition during storage or the cutting processes are the causes of dispersions and deviations on a same leather part.

When assembling the chapes of a bag, all these factors cause problems in maintaining the part, irregularities in the centering of the stitching and this is the reason why we have developed a new innovative equipment. It includes a double measurement system that allows you to select the suitable sewing program combination adapted to the two chapes present in the tool, at each cycle.

This  technological development was only possible because of the great flexibility offered by our machines in terms of equipment control. Also, the sensors of presence, cylinders, analogical measurement sensors are all connected to the many inputs and outputs available on our machine.

Finaly, thanks to its internal programming system (Step sequence), it is easy to manage all these elements and create a completely transparent automatic solution for the leather goods maker who can thus concentrate on his job and ensure the quality of his work.

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