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Mitsubishi Electric distributors network



Mitsubishi Electric Distributors: Quality and Serenity

The Mitsubishi Electric network of distributors and partners is a wide network of professionals who will bring you the best service thanks to the knowledge, to the training received on our range of products. In addition, they access our stock of spare parts to guarantee the best responsiveness to your needs.

Through this network, we are present in all European countries, Russia, Turkey, Africa and South America. Be ensured that they will accompany you at all stages of your project: design, estimate, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and after-sales service.

Quality assurance from production to installation

"Made in Japan"

Our machines are designed and manufactured in Japan. They benefit from a quality control in their manufacture which gives them an excellent level of reliability. Applying to a member of our network of distributors, it is for you the quality assurance in the realization of your projects as well as in the after-sales service.
You will benefit from all the quality, the reliability of our machines for your application !

A borderless network

Our entity is responsible for the commercialization of Mitsubishi Electric industrial sewing machines throughout EMEA and South America for which we provide a presence through distributors, as well as through Mitsubishi Electric partners.
So if you want to join us, do not hesitate and contact us !

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