A new address for Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. !

The head office of the French branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe is moving to a new address, the opportunity for our company to project itself into a new future!
Our new building “WA21 ONLINE”, located on the RER A, Rueil Malmaison (92), was designed according to a collaborative, transparent and bright building organization concept with 21st century tools.

To visit us:
2, rue de l'Union

In this period, we remain more than ever by your side.


The “REIWA” time known as the (Rei) time of beautiful harmony (Wa). The notion of Wa is considered to be the most precious possession in Japan. This guiding principle of social harmony and peace illustrates very well our business plan for this new headquarter.
The number 21 marks our centenary (1921-2021) and our year of moving in.

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