Product Strong Point

- Multidirectional, constant, saddle stitch seam on a variable stitching surface from 140 x 140 mm to 198 x 30 mm
- Compact machine with a small footprint 1.45 x 1.25 m
- The material is moved autonomously under the machine head
- Standard design tools
- The stitching / assembly of small pieces of leather goods is very practical to achieve
- Programming remains identical to other PLCs in the Mitsubishi Electric J series range as well as the technology
- All stitch parameters are traceable and recordable. The software and programming panels are intuitive for easy use, production changeovers are easy


This machine meets efficiently the needs of many users, particularly in the luxury leather goods sector where the requirements of the specifications are very high.

Fine leather goods : 

  •  Applications such as the stitching of watch straps, card holders and all other leather goods requiring a high degree of quality
Technical characteristics
  • Speed: 1000 rpm (M3 Motion)
  • Within the same machine: sewing area from 140x140 to 30x198 mm
  • Rotary hook double size: R
  • Direct Drive motor
  • Electronic intelligent thread tension in all directions
  • Multifunction computer controlled presser foot
  • Digital operation panel PLK-J-PAL
  • Secure done thanks to safety light curtains
  • Stitch quality warranty in any direction
  • Quick Change tool

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